If some people are born with the natural ability to invent, A.W. Haydon certainly was one of them. From a young age, Dad had an innate understanding of machinery. Dad used his talents to invent over 70 mechanical devices, from 1933-1982 that have wide consumer and industrial uses. Of the over 70 patents he invented such things as Alarm Clock motors 1933 (Pat#1,907,106) , a light switch (Pat#4,489,297), the Sweep Second hand motion used in "Non Ticking" clocks and watches, and Electronic Rotating Machines that control things like antennas on cell phone towers.

He opened his factories in Waterbury, CT, Torrington, CT and Culver City, CA. He was one of the many contractors for N.A.S.A., Hughes Aviation, North American Phillips , Hamilton Standard, Texas Instruments and many others.

He was heavily involved in the "Space Race" helping develop the Gemini, Mercury and Apollo Missions, as well as the Space Shuttles currently in use today.

Many of his inventions are on display at various museums including NASA and the Smithsonian Aeronautics and Space Museum.

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His biography is attached for those who are interested.